Master Key Experience Week 5

Writing my Press Release – hmmm….looking at examples to get ideas on how to get started. Have a few ideas now. I’m planning to get it done tomorrow on my vacation day.

And the Digital Solutions on Monday – I am so not good at social media. It was a bit overwhelming. But knowing that the AIMI. ai bot is going to help me with tasks like this is very exciting! There must be others out there like me who can really benefit from some great ai help from AIMI.

And my first night getting to sit and think of a place with pleasant associations for 15 minutes. Very enjoyable – since I used to live there, I have many wonderful mental pictures to go through. And picturing myself living there again, as a snow bird this time, brought tears to my eyes.

Getting my DMP narrowed down again this week. Hopefully it’s better and has more that subby can work with.

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