Master Key Experience Week 7

Wow! I greet the day with love in my heart! I really do! But I have to admit that somewhere throughout the day, so far, I haven’t been able to keep up with my mental diet. I haven’t had 1 successful day yet. I was getting better and better with opinions – I rarely voiced them anyway, but I still had them. I’m getting better with being the observer. And I’m starting to catch myself quicker and quicker on the mental diet, but no successful day yet.

One day I did get towards the end of the day but then still blew it. Today it was fairly early – the computer software program I have to use for work was really ticking me off and I blew it by 11:30 AM. And then I let the day get away from me and was way too negative the rest of the day.

I’ve been better with 2 co-workers that I struggle around but I still blow it daily with my husband and step-daughter. She’s 25 but special needs (low IQ) and will always have to live at home. She’s about the level of a 9 year old. She can really knock me off track. I’m better than I have been in the past, but still struggle with dealing with her. She’s leaving for a week starting tomorrow, so hopefully I can get in a week of my mental diet starting tomorrow!

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