MKE Week 8

Here we are – at week 8 already! Time has flown and though I haven’t been perfect every single day, I have followed through more often than not on each day’s tasks. I don’t think my DMP has been finalized yet, but I’m enjoying reading what I do have daily and looking at my movie poster.

I have been doing fairly well on pivoting from a negative thought that has popped into my mind to a better, more positive thought. Much, much better than I normally do. Some days are better than others, but by and large, I am able to substitute positive for negative within the 7 seconds. And I find less negative thoughts popping in too.

I will be mostly alone in the office starting Monday and the holidays will have less people in attendance and less of them that are negative this year, so that is a big help and a blessing too!

Now to figure out who to mastermind with….

2 thoughts on “MKE Week 8

  1. Charlotte, maybe your Guide can help you with finding someone to mastermind with. You are making progress that is what counts. From your blog rover friend.


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