Master Key Experience Week 9

It’s interesting that the left brain/right brain ideas that I was taught really aren’t true. Being a “white” I always thought of myself as left brain dominant but then I do have a creative side. So it’s good to know that I’m not really a left brain person.

I bought Think and Grow Rich so I could have more than just the Blue Print Builder. Looking forward to receiving it and getting started reading it.

Finally got my final version of my movie poster done. I had 1 picture on there that really needed to be updated since it wasn’t really the ideal picture. Now it’s done and submitted. That feels good.

I still need to make my recordings – a bit behind on that! But I did take the “test” again yesterday and I have improved! I was at 33 and now at 26. Making progress!

My accountability partner is my friend Dawn Weaver. She’s not in the MKE but is someone that I had started to work out the details of part of my DMP before I even knew about MKE.

One thought on “Master Key Experience Week 9

  1. Charlette, good for you for the progress you are making. Keep on working with your accountability partner, Dawn. From your blog rover friend John.


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