Master Key Experience Week 11

I will have to say that reading the Master Key by Haanel this week is a little more difficult. And concentrating on the Bible verse during the 15 minute sit this week is a bit more challenging. I find my mind drifting off and I have to refocus on the verse frequently.

I’m enjoying master minding with my tribe on Weds evenings. Making an effort to get on the Zoom call each week now. It’s interesting that others talk about being so far behind. I’m only behind on getting my recording done. Other than that, I’m caught up on the requirements. So I’m feeling better about myself and where I stand with this MKE experience. I’m a White, so being behind or not having something done that is required of me is quite upsetting. But knowing I’m not the only one a bit behind makes me not get so down on myself.

No matter what, I know that this is helping me keep my promises better, build better habits and start to focus on what I do want – now and for the future.

Now to also finish up on the non-requirements such as the Ultimate Learning Hack (mostly done with that) and the Saturday recording of the Purpose workshops. I at least narrowed down my purpose statement. I am a generous hostess!

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