Master Key Experience Week 12

Catching up again – attended my nephew’s 18th birthday party on Sunday, so I missed the webinar. I really didn’t want to miss but at the same time, Theo only turns 18 once. So just now catching up on the webinar.

I have been helping a friend whose husband died in July, pack and move for 3 weekends, so that’s taking up precious time. But it’s part of giving of myself and my time, so it’s still a good thing.

I have some of my index cards done. I ran out – the rest are at home and I’m at the office. So I have more work to do on my index cards. I have more work to do on my index cards for the last Purpose webinar too. Once I get caught up on those 2 things, I will feel like I’ll be right back on track.

Now to do the 50 minutes in front of my mirror…..

3 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 12

  1. Charlette, your nephew needed you yesterday at his birthday and your friend needs your help moving. Both are very good. You are going to get caught up. From your blog roving friend John


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