MKE Week 23

So sad that we’re coming to the end of our MKE together. It’s been a good journey. Enjoying my tribe each Weds night and sharing the weekly insights with them. Haanel mentioned compensation again in week 23. And that the law of success is service, we get what we give.

#6 in Haanel’s week 23 lesson says “A generous thought is filled with strength and vitality, a selfish thought contains the germs of dissolution; it will disintegrate and pass away.” That is exciting to me because I do enjoy being generous. When going through the training earlier this year, I found that I am a Generous Hostess. Which goes right along with my DMP of being a Philanthropist Socialite and having my own 503c non-profit.

I know I haven’t always done everything that I was supposed to the whole entire time, but I am motivated to continue to read the Scrolls and Haanel and go through the weekly webinars to keep this all fresh. Also, I plan to keep “sitting” for 15 minutes per day. Want to keep as many of these good habits as possible to break the addiction to the failure peptides.

2 thoughts on “MKE Week 23

  1. Charlette, I have enjoyed very much reading your blogs. Thank you. Best to you. From your blog rover friend John.


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