MKE Week 24

Here we are at the end of the Master Key Experience. So glad to have stayed the course. And even though I haven’t been perfect, I have learned a lot. Learned a lot about myself and the truth. The truth will set you free!

As Haanel wrote, “When the truth of this statement is realized, understood and appreciated, you will have come into possession of the Master Key, but remember that only those who are wise enough to understand, broad enough to weigh the evidence, firm enough to follow their own judgement, and strong enough to make the sacrifices needed, may enter and partake.” The sacrifice needed is the daily sit – the visualizations – training the mind to focus on the good, focus on becoming friends with the future me.

And, for me, continuing to work on my mental diet. That is so important. And I’m so glad for lifetime access to MKE and getting to learn more through the continuation option. So thankful for that opportunity!

2 thoughts on “MKE Week 24

  1. Charlette, I enjoyed your blog and learning what you learned from the course. I also appreciated your honesty about not doing everything each day but trying to do your best. I would highly recommend that you audit the class again and see on the new concepts pop up that you never saw the first time around. I audit the class each year and I am amazed at all the gems I still find in the course. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine


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