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MKE Week 26

All of life is vibration – vibrational energy. Master Key week 26 is all about vibration and keeping in tune with the vibration of the universe and life itself. I disagree with Haanel that the earth itself is negative vibration and is about death and destruction. Mother Earth is vibrating with love and willing toContinue reading “MKE Week 26”

MKE Week 25

The first lost chapter of The Master Key System written by Haanel – Week 25. Even though written many years ago, it’s amazing that it could’ve been written recently. MK Week 25 #8 says “But not through quarantine or disinfectants or boards of health will man reach the long sought plane of physical well being;Continue reading “MKE Week 25”

MKE Week 24

Here we are at the end of the Master Key Experience. So glad to have stayed the course. And even though I haven’t been perfect, I have learned a lot. Learned a lot about myself and the truth. The truth will set you free! As Haanel wrote, “When the truth of this statement is realized,Continue reading “MKE Week 24”

MKE Week 23

So sad that we’re coming to the end of our MKE together. It’s been a good journey. Enjoying my tribe each Weds night and sharing the weekly insights with them. Haanel mentioned compensation again in week 23. And that the law of success is service, we get what we give. #6 in Haanel’s week 23Continue reading “MKE Week 23”

MKE Week 21

I’m very glad that I have Big GOALS- Big thoughts as part of my DMP. Hannel mentions having Big Thoughts that help remove the petty and small obstacles to those goals. I have some pretty big thoughts and goals on my movie poster and DMP. But I know they are totally attainable! I remember thatContinue reading “MKE Week 21”

MKE Week 20

I love the opening paragraph in Week 20 of the Master Key by Haanel. “Theologians have told us that God is Love, and that God is Omnipresent. If this be true, there is no place where God is not. Where, then, is Evil, Satan and Hell?” I’m enjoying just allowing myself to really connect toContinue reading “MKE Week 20”

MKE Week 19

It was nice to have a break on Sunday, but it did seem weird to not have the webinar. I am glad that I made it on my tribe zoom meeting on Weds. We had a good discussion about Scroll V. Several of us felt it was written a bit more negatively than the otherContinue reading “MKE Week 19”

MKE Week 18

The law of growth – we must obtain what is necessary for our growth. So true! I have enjoyed concentrating on my power to create. Sometimes during the sit my mind is fairly quiet and some days lots of pictures flash across my closed eyelids. Don’t know if that’s how everyone experiences their sits, butContinue reading “MKE Week 18”


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