Press Release

Ben Ryder Howe, Senior Editor at Town and Country magazine, caught up with philanthropist socialite Charlette Sauders in Fort Myers, FL at the Gulf Harbor Yacht and Country Club.

Sauders founded her own philanthropic organization in 2021 that focuses on 3 key areas. She helps to provide clean water sources through supporting charity:water and Jewish Voice International. She supports third world entrepreneurs with micro loans through World Vision International. And she has her own program through that supports low income families with scholarships to be a part of the Wild Fit program and the organic food needed to change their relationships with food.

She saw the need to help families on food stamps eat healthier and boost their overall health. If the family completes the Wild Fit program and still needs financial help to continue eating in their new way, she’ll continue to help by providing funds that can help supplement food stamps to pay for organic food to sustain their changed lifestyle choices.

Sauders has chaired galas for charity:water and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC to help boost their annual advancement fund raising efforts for the past 2 years. She said enthusiastically that chairing those events was the most fun she ever had “working.” With this experience, she plans to host a gala fundraiser within the next 12 months to continue to grow funds available to help more families complete the Wild Fit program.

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