MKE Week 20

I love the opening paragraph in Week 20 of the Master Key by Haanel. “Theologians have told us that God is Love, and that God is Omnipresent. If this be true, there is no place where God is not. Where, then, is Evil, Satan and Hell?”

I’m enjoying just allowing myself to really connect to Source, God, during the sits. I enjoy not trying to focus on something like a battleship or a flower growing, but just sit and BE. Be connected to Source. My supply comes from Source and staying as connected to Source as possible daily, is so important to me and to my future self.

Sometimes I listen to crystal singing bowls during the sit. Here’s who I listen to:

(149) Crystal Cadence by Jeralyn Glass – YouTube

I have also listened to hang drums, not a percussion drum, during the sits:

(149) Hang Massive – Once Again – 2011 ( hang drum duo ) ( HD ) – YouTube

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